Business working with Community

Community Investment Committees leading an economic development strategy to benefit local young people and employers together


As part of the TtW Community of Practice's approach to working with business and community, each organisation has established a Community Investment Committee (CIC) in their local area. The CIC is a key mechanism for driving change and investment within local communities. They are also crucial for driving systemic change to create the economic and social conditions necessary for young people to gain sustainable employment.

The CICs do this by bringing together business, education providers, the local council, the TtW provider and other community organisations to collaborate with government on creating and implementing an economic development strategy for young people within their community.

It is essential that the form of each CIC is right for the community it represents; as such, the committees may look quite different across the Community of Practice. However, each CIC must adhere to the following core features:

  • Employer led – the CIC is not an education or youth network. To drive economic development for young people in the local community, it must be led by key local employers and industry, including having an employer as the Chair.
  • Community representation – the key actors within the community must be represented, including local council and major public and/or private education and training providers, and relevant community organisations or individual citizens.
  • Action focused – the CIC must set, and achieve, key outcomes and strategic tasks.