A wage subsidy helps Ocean Breeze Beauty grow their workforce

Kaitlyn, a motivated young woman in South West Victoria, found her start in the beauty industry through being employed by a local business, assisted with a wage subsidy.

Kaitlyn completed Certificate III and IV in Beauty in 2019 and came to Transition to Work with Brophy Family and Youth Services in early 2020.  Through working with her Youth Development Coach, an opportunity arose to join Ocean Breeze Beauty Therapy as a qualified beauty therapist.

The assistance of a wage subsidy gave Ocean Breeze Beauty Therapy the opportunity to take on a young staff member and has Kaitlyn has maintained employment throughout COVID-19.
Kaitlyn’s employer Belinda was asked how the wage subsidy helped her employ and train Kaitlyn:
“Simply put, without it, I couldn't have put Kaitlyn on to begin with. Being a newly established business, I was trying to build clientele.  Long term I was planning on putting staff on.
With the wage subsidy, I could put someone on earlier than expected, which gave me an advantage of helping to build up Kaitlyn's clientele base.  When the wage subsidy ended, she'd have some loyal clientele who would continue to book in with her, which helps go toward her earning her wage.
It gave me time to take on a young girl with lots of talent and drive and give her the much-needed hands on experience needed in this industry.  In turn, by doing this, it builds her confidence in her own skills, gives her exposure to all types of people from all walks of life (and how to deal with and treat them), helps her to overcome problems by encouraging her to trouble shoot on her own, hones her skills, consolidates her knowledge learned from TAFE training and build on that.”
Thanks to her dedicated clientele Kaitlyn has held a stable income throughout COVID-19 giving her the independence and stability to move out of home for the first time. Thanks to a Wage subsidy and the support of Transition to Work Kaitlyn has had opportunities which may not have been presented to her.