Victor’s employer provides support so he can thrive at work

In March 2019, Victor, a Transition to Work participant with YouthWorx NT, was hired by Jaytex Construction to undertake a Carpentry Apprenticeship.

Victor started his apprenticeship but soon became unmotivated, started taking days off and not communicating with his employer.  It soon came to the attention of his employer that outside of work Victor was struggling, he had no stable accommodation, limited amenities, he lacked transport and was dealing with the challenges that resulted. Nevertheless, he continued to work hard to develop and apply his new skills in the industry. Victor’s determination was inspiring, and Jaytex Construction wanted to support him through this challenging period.
They provided Victor with temporary accommodation at a local hotel whilst setting up a demountable at his worksite, this included getting power and water connected, fully furnishing it and providing him with food. To add to his independence, Jaytex Construction paid for his driving lessons to gain his licence.
Now with a licence, Victor was given access to a company vehicle that included a fuel card. This enabled Victor to visit family, attend his beloved rugby training, and start attending university to commence his Carpentry apprenticeship.
Victor now attends work every day and is determined to make the most this amazing opportunity. Due to Victor’s success, Jaytex Construction have hired two more apprentices from YouthWorX NT. They have rented out a house for the three to live in and continue to support all three with accommodation and transport.
Jaytex Construction say it’s a beautiful thing to see the three arrive together on time with their home-made packed lunches.

A young man stands in an office with his employer