Frankston High Street Centre 'set up shop' to connect with local employers in Melbourne's Bayside area

The Brotherhood of St Laurence Frankston High Street Centre has collaborated with the Frankston Bayside Shopping Centre to run a Jobs Fair!

The Brotherhood TtW team have set up an incredible Jobs Fair Pop Up Shop in the Bayside Shopping Centre, prominently situated close to the food court. There is music playing, access to computers on tables set up like a cafĂ©, a sofa and a large selection of clothing. 

The aim of the Jobs Fair Pop Up is to provide a space where young people can easily drop in to receive support and guidance writing resumes and to sharpen their interview skills. Over the two week period, young people can apply for vacancies available in the Bayside Shopping Centre in preparation for interviews being held on September 6th with employers looking to recruit before Christmas. 

The TtW team have coordinated a fabulous collection of work-appropriate clothing to ensure the young people who drop in at the Jobs Fair Pop Up are well presented for the interviews with employers on September 6th.

Coaches have been approaching young people within the shopping centre and asking them to fill out their name, address and phone number on an Advantaged Thinking postcard, and handing out flyers promoting the Jobs Fair Pop Up Shop. In addition, the Jobs Fair Pop Up Shop has provided an excellent opportunity for the YDCs to promote the youth programs delivered by the High Street Frankston Centre. The Jobs Fair Pop Up Shop is an innovative way to connect young people with the TtW program and local job opportunities. Congratulations to all of the team at the Brotherhood Frankston High Street Centre!